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Slides, Negatives, Photos, ...

Although we specialise in scanning 35mm slide transparencies we have the equipment and expertise to scan virtually any photographic medium and create high quality digital images.

We can perk up old faded photos and slides, remove dust and scratch marks, and provide a digital image that will never fade or get dusty again.

We can give you the raw images - which you can print, crop or annotate - or we can save you all the hard work and create a slideshow that you can watch on your DVD player, or Digital Photoframe.

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Scan your family's slides or photographs and put them on a Digital Photoframe.
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Some things we scan ...

  • Slides and transparencies of any size.
  • Negatives of any size.
  • Photographic plates up to 20x30cm.
  • Photographs and printed documents.

Our scanning procedures ...

  • Remove any loose surface dust.
  • Scan using high quality scanners using 3D dust and scratch removal techniques and skilled technicians to remove remaining dust and scratch marks.
  • Examine each image and adjust for optimal brightness.
  • Correct any colour errors (due to fading).

We can save your images to CD, DVD, USB...

  • Archival Quality CD
  • Standard DVD
  • Memory Stick or Card
  • Digital Photoframe
  • Slideshow for your DVD player.

slide scanning

slide scanner

We scan and digitize photographs, slide transparencies and photo negatives to DVD and CD either as a slide show, digital photo frame or disk to use on your computer.

Our services range from simple slide and negative conversion creating high quality, clean, crisp digital images to DVD slideshows that you can watch on TV and digital photo frame shows that bring old memories back to life.

We work both for individuals who want to transfer their photos to DVD and for companies who need to have their archived transparencies and negatives converted to a digital format. Both receive the same level of care and professional service.

We offer a more personal service to our clients than a larger organisation and listen to our customers in order to get the job right first time and every time.

Whether you have one transparency or thousands of 35mm slides and negatives to process we can do the job.

slide scanners

slide scanners

Digital 35mm slide and photo negative scanning

There are millions of slides that people hardly ever get to see any longer because the world has gone digital. The same is true with film negatives - they are old technology, not suited to emailng, sharing with family, friends and colleagues or showing on a TV or computer.

In the meantime, because slides and negatives are not meant to last for ever, these precious personal memories and company records are slowly rotting away and turning to dust.

It is a chore to set up the projector and screen just to look at your slides - maybe you no longer even have the right machine to view them on. There has to be an easier way...

Businesses also have large archive slide collections of previous projects that they can no longer make use of for the same reasons... can help get the most out of these transparencies, slides and film negatives. We can scan them, digitally remove most of the dust and scratches, correct the colour and then give you the digital scans in a way you can use.

This can be a CD disk that you can use on your computer, download to your mobile phone or share by email or use in a host of other ways, or we can transfer your slides to DVD and turn them into a Slide Show for you to watch on your TV, or even put all your pictures into a Photo show in a digital photo frame you can see on the sideboard or window sill.

We can bring all that stuff back to life.

Learn more about our services using the menu at the top. As well as transferring slide transpariences to disk we also scan and digitize slides or negatives in 110, 126, 127, 135, APS, Kodak Disk Film, Stereo Slides, medium and large formats in both colour and black and white.

We can transfer photos to CD, or make a DVD Slide Show, DVD Photo Show or Photoframe slideshow from negatives as easily as from slides.

slides scanners

slides scanners

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